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So, what's the secret sauce?

A scientific breakthrough? A clever feat of engineering?


Our secret was just listening to hobbyists, and giving them what they wanted.

WARGAMER is not for engineering or prototyping or anything else really.

In partnership with FauxHammer, we developed WARGAMER for just one thing:

Authentic, long-lasting miniatures.

Just a bit better than store-bought minis

Minis that feel professional

Wargamer doesn't make 3D prints. It makes products.

Minis printed with Wargamer feel closer to professional, store-bought products than flimsy 3D prints.

Support marks can be scraped off with a hobby knife, similar to sprue marks.

Flawlessly sharp

Wargamer brings out even the tiniest details on miniatures.

If your printer is good enough, your printed minis can be crisper than injection moulded ones.

1-minute wash in water or IPA

Wargamer is a water washable resin without compromises.

It is not just as good as standard-wash resins, it is better.

Wargamer can also be washed in IPA. This is recommended for professionals and heavy users.

No more broken minis

Wargamer makes survivors.

It is more than tough enough for tabletop gaming without having to mix in flexible resins.

  • Unique formula

    You will not find this material anywhere else.

  • Oooh shiny

    Wargamer has a slightly reflective surface, just like traditional wargaming pieces.

    This helps bring out details, and photographs especially well.

  • Relentless on success

    We stand by our product and its great results.

    If you get anything less than awesome prints, we will not stop until we fix that.

No photoshop, no tricks.

It's just better.